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I got my new rear bumper and tree kickers from JEI Offroad installed. JEI Offroad is a local business in Evansville, Indiana that fabricates and powder coats all of their products in-house. They got their start through their sister company (Sickinnovations) making parts for stunt bike riding over the last 15 years.

The fit and finish is excellent on all of the parts and installing the bumper is a breeze. All of the hardware is stainless steel and once you tighten everything up it’s rock solid.

Installing the tree kickers wasn’t difficult by any means, but make sure you get plenty of force applied to the sliders when you’re setting the rivet nuts so they get a good firm hold. I definitely prefer this mounting method over the polaris hardware that’s essentially a one-time use option if you go to remove an accessory. If you order a set of sliders, make sure you use anti-seize on the bolts. Stainless steel (bolts) and aluminum (rivet nuts) will seize up if you don’t use it. I also have mine mounted along with a Tusk Quiet Glide skid plate. It did require me to drop the sides of the skid plate to set the rivet nuts, but know that they are compatible.

XP1K Rear Bumper: Polaris RZR 1000 Rear Bumper | JEI Offroad
Price: $275

900S/1000S Rear Bumper: RZR 900S Rear bumper | JEI Offroad
Price: $275

Tree Kickers(900S/1000S/XP1K): Polaris RZR 900s Rock Sliders/ Tree Guards | JEI Offroad
Price: $250

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