Hello all. I recently purchased one of these china rzr clones from txpowersports.com

Marketed here in usa as trailmaster its made xtm moto in china. Sold as 300cc but spec sheet on chinese site says 275cc displacement.

Unit came dismantled in a steel frame with cardboard exterior on a pallet via ups.

Took me a night and better part of next the day to build. Came with no assembly instructions yet i was able to find some for the 170cc unit and some videos on youtube, but anyone with some mechanical know how could build it.

In order: i assembled roll cage (in order to lift off ground w my bobcat) then rear shocks, wheels, front bumper, seat belts, steering wheel, roof, windshield and fog lights.

Came with spark plug and oil (as well as sticker kit which i did not ask for) added rec90 and hit the streets!

I am 5.11 270lbs and my wife 5.6 200lbs. With full tank of fuel we got it up to almost 40 mph as per speedo didnt run gps speed but will tomorrow.

All things considered I am pleased with the utv. $4199 delivered to my door is tough to beat. It does vibrate quite a bit at low rpms from a dead stop but it beats the hell out of my golfcart and at half the price of a brand name.

Will upload few more pics tomorrow as well.

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