I just did the fluids on my 2016 Sportsman 570 and 2016 RZR 900 Trail.. I had already did the oil on each but now it was time to include the trans and diff.

RZR had first oil change at 9hr/121 miles and 570 21hr/330 miles. Both done early August. Today RZR has 37hr and 563 miles and 570 47hrs and 777 miles.

1. My 570 has winch and brush guards. It took me quite sometime trying to get fill plug out before realizing I had to remove brush guard, lower front and slide winch aside. LOL. What a pain! I understand I could have used the vent tube but I was not comfortable doing that.

2. Much to my surprise, the fluid changes in the RZR were significantly easier than the Sportsman. And the RZR even takes 1.5oz less Demand Drive Fluid. Odd.

3. I have read that the trans and diff on both are fill until spill. Is this true? I ask because I remember the manual mentioning fill lines?

4. It seemed no matter how slow I poured, I had plenty of run off. So either I am doing something wrong, or Polaris is liberal with how many ounces they recommend. This was not so much of an issue on the trans, but rather the diffs. I was using a long flex hose that screws onto qt bottle.

5. All fluid looked perfect coming out. I’d say just as good as the new stuff. Makes me wonder if I changed too soon.


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