Had my truck battery go dead on a ride a loooong way from home. I was fortunate to catch the last of my friends before leaving to give me a jump start. After seeing them on these forums I purchased a Black Rhino battery booster power supply. Over a year ago. I’ve used it several times, and I played with it a bit with my battery and it will start a small block V8. It did mine 5x in a row. Anyhow, went to use it a few months ago on the RZR and it shorted out and the case expanded on it. I immediately took it outside to cool down.

The following Monday I called Black Rhino and spoke to Eric. I told him what happened and he told me to send it back, they’d warranty it. TBH I don’t know if they have an official warranty or not but I thought it was great that they’d do that. So I get busy at work and a month later I remember I need to mail this thing back. I do with a letter to Eric. I get it in the mail a week later. Great customer service and an awesome product! As we all know sometimes stuff happens with electronics and of course it happened to me. But Black Rhino took care of everything and I feel much better with the Battery Booster in my truck (Nissan Titan). I also switch it over to my RZR when I ride.

Here’s the link to the booster, don’t leave home without it.


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