Okay I need some help before I go insane. RZR 570 trail, 2014. Simply putting on an Auxbeam 13″ 72W LED light bar. Front bumper. Wiring kit is a Kawell CB-AT997. Fuse, relay, and on/off switch. Should be easy.
When I hook the wiring kit to the battery, I get light to the switch (red”off” light is illuminated). BUT when I plug the terminals into the light bar wires and hit the on switch, it immediately blows the 30A fuse. No light, blows immediately. The red “off” light will still come on, but no power to the light without blowing the fuse.
When I unhook the light bar and replace the fuse, the red off light is working on the switch, and the green “on” light will work if I hit the switch (no light attached). When I hook my $10 multimeter up to end of the wiring kit, the sweep dial pegs to the right (0ohms) when the light switch is on.
SO, I tested the light bar. Brought out my camper trailer battery–negative to negative and positive thru the 30A fuse to positive. Brilliant light.
I ain’t no electrician, so someone tell me what I am doing wrong. Grounding issue?? How to fix??
thanks in advance!
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