Who is running portals?

I have a 2014 XP4 1000 that has a Z1 swap, HCR long-travel (with the RCV tip-to-top axles/CVs) and a ton more. For sand I have the 31″ STU Tribute/Blackbirds. There’s roughly a 10% tire-size difference between factory 29″s and the STU 31″s. That said, the STM clutches for the Z1 swap provide a deeper initial ratio vs. stock XP 1000 clutches, AFAIK.

However, for dirt I run 33″s and would really like to go to 35″s so I need to regain some gearing. I could do the trans gearing changes, but I don’t think I need/want the lower gearing on the sand setup.

How much of a PITA is it to swap the portals on/off? I basically run 2 seasons: Glamis from Oct-March and then various dirt/rocks April-Sept. So I’d be swapping the portals on once a year, then back off once a year.

Am I crazy?

Has anybody duned on a portal setup?

Has anybody had issues with higher than stock power and portals?


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