I’ve searched all the general and child thread subjects for light bar wattages. I’ve found a lot of help on installation but my question is how many watts or really amp draw are people using? I have an XP900 so at 3,000 rpm I’ve been told that my total output is 560W or about 50A. I’m looking to mount a front light bar of 22″ or 23″, but they are available from a few hundred watts to over 1,260 watts (105A?). I have a dual battery and plan to run the bar from the secondary battery, not the starting battery. I have a battery isolator that charges the primary 1st, but when it’s over 13.4V it charges the secondary. I don’t know the current draw of the OEM lights, gauges, etc. so I don’t know how much of the 560W is used to run these and how much reserve is left. If my secondary 26Ah battery is not being charged, it would only run this 1260W light bar for a few minutes. How many watt light bars are you using without putting a drain on the battery?

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