Anyone using limit straps on there aftermarket shocks? I have the Shock Therapy DRS and RIS. Rides fantastic. But when the front shocks go to full extension I get a thud. I also added 32 inch tires so the extra weight of the tire and rim is adding extra mass. It is hard for the shocks to slow down or stop at full extension with all the extra weight added. I have done some reserch and found that this is somewhat normal for high end shocks on the RZR. Some say it is a consequence to having long travel suspension.

I guess polaris uses the shocks to stop the suspension from overextending.

I have ordered a set of straps from here:…strap-kit.html

I am hoping this will help with the thud that I get at full extension. Any advice or opinions much appreciated.

Here is a little article I found:

Limiting Strap Information
Limiting straps are vital in custom suspension setups that help prevent damage to suspension and drivetrain components. Without limiting straps, your shocks are the stops at maximum droop. The shock from your vehicle’s un-sprung weight can cause damage to shocks such as when jumping or at high speed over rough sections.

Limiting straps can also prevent damage to your CV joints by limiting the amount of maximum angle on your axles. All CV joints have a maximum amount of degree deflection that they can safely be run at with custom suspension setups. With many suspension setups, the deflection angle can go farther than the CV joint can handle resulting in damage, shorter run life, and CV failure.

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