Here is a short video on how easy it is to upgrade your Suspension and run what the Pros run in the desert. Tons of advantages to upgrading your Stock suspension. You gain Strength sometimes over 10-12 times stronger arms, The Balljoints are stronger built from 4130 Chromoly with FK Uniballs, the Bushings are a self lubricating Delrin so get rid of the grease gun. They are also 3 times thicker than stock so the wear down is less, overall performance you gain from upgrading includes smoother rides and better handling through rough terrain and faster speeds over big whoops. Our + 3 Long Travel Kit is the only kit on the market that can adjust Camber and caster as well as Shock Location to upgrade your stock length shocks to a longer shock.
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You can buy from any one of our local dealers In California
All of the listed dealers below do installs
Del Amo Motorsports
Malcolm Smith Motorsports
Ace Motorsports
So Cal SuperTrucks
Coyne Powersports
SXS Industries also

Utah RZR Rentals