Sorry all, not specifically for the Polaris crowd this time, but, we are looking for a few of you who might know someone that drives a Can Am. I know, what???

We are trying to get a parking brake for the Maverick/Commander crowd out there, that is just as easy to install and use as the ones for the RZR crew.

We have several protos that we know will mount up to a 14′ and 17′ Mav, but, looking for a few potential folks to try it out on some other models.

So, if anybody has a friend that happens to ride a 2010 to 2017 Mav or Commander, please shoot us a holler.
We are at a point to send out a few “FREEBIES” to confirm or deny mounting applications.
This parking brake mounts up with a single bolt, yes single, in about 2 minutes, and does all the same protective things we SXS riders need one for.

So, if anybody has a riding bro with a Can Am of the year/models stated, please let them know and we will look at sending a free parking brake for a little feedback on fitment and thoughts.

Thanks all, and Merry Christmas to everybody.

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