Hello. Rather new to the forum, but use several other forums for my other toys. Here is my situation. Any advice is appreciated.

I bought a used 2015 RZR 570 with 129 hours at a dealer here in Georgia. Upon initial inspection, I noticed a milky substance under the oil cap. The dipstick was so tight I couldn’t get it off, I walked away. The service tech called me later that day and told me that it was condensation due to the temp changes recently and not allowing the engine to completely warm driving on and off the lot everyday. I researched this and found that to be a real possibility. The salesman said that everything would be taken care of and the machine would be in good working order upon delivery. We bought the machine and left it for the work to be done. I went back today (4 days later) to pick up. This time I checked the dipstick to find milky oil in the case. Also, the coolant reservoir was empty. The tech said that they would check it today and make it right. I am currently waiting on the call. They have been great so far, so I am truly hoping they will get this right, whatever the cause.

Here are my question is:

Is it possible that there was so much condensation buildup from cranking and not warming properly that it would make the oil milky? See Photos.

What are the odds that it is a head gasket issue?

Are there other issues that I am not considering that could cause this?

Thank you for any advice.

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