I’m getting ready to spring for a RZR. Probably going with a four seater and I’m torn between a turbo Fox and highlifter. I understand the value of 50 extra horsepower, but I’m also one of those guys who has never trusted force-fed engines so I respect your opinion on them but… There’s a reason there aren’t very many older blown vehicle still on the road.

Having said that I’m not against one when it comes to an RZR. Given the role of this vehicle it’s going to need more maintenance anyway. I’m in the Southeast so I won’t be blasting sand dunes with this and will likely be doing General trail riding, mudding, with some playing in the sand.

I guess my dilemma is… I like the way the highlifter is outfitted. It comes standard with things that I’d have to go buy if I were to pick up the turbo model, and it actually seems cheaper to pick up a highlifter and give it more power, than it would be to pick up a turbo and add half doors, bumpers, winch, snorkels, lift kit, and all those things that come standard on the highlifter. Plus from all the professional reviews I’ve read… given the highlifters mud credentials it actually works quite well in a general-purpose roll, so it seems that they at least got the parts list right in the context that everything works well together. I’m not sure I could pull that off by modifying a turbo to be a competent mud machine.

While money is no object in this purchase, I don’t want to be stupid with the money I have. It just seems to me that adding more power is far cheaper than adding all that other stuff. Thoughts?

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