I work for a small law enforcement department that spends a lot of time in RZRs. We have four currently. We have a 2012 RZR 800 two seater, a 2016 RZR 100 4 seater, and 2 MRZR 4 seaters.

Our area of patrol is in the mojave desert. Terrain is varied from flat open dry lake beds, twisty dirt trails, and rugged, rocky hills. Most of the King of the Hammers race course is within our jurisdiction, and we have smaller events that we also assist with.

Due to maintenance and repair costs, each officer is assigned a RZR and a small annual budget . The RZRs that we have already have some modifications for our use, but further modifications and repairs come out of each officers assigned budget.

I have been assigned one of the MRZR 4s. It has lights and sirens installed, a venturi style precleaner, stage 2 cam, controller, upgraded exhaust, a mud clutch, and aftermarket half shafts (Moose ?)

I have identified several problems with my MRZR that I would like to address, and any advice from anyone with in depth knowledge would certainly be appreciated.

Ground clearance: These are low and narrow. In any real terrain variation I am dragging the skid plates or rock rails. The stock tires are all 26x9x14r. We have increased tire height and spring preload to try do address this, but this has added a new set of issues. The ground clearance is noticeably better, but it hops like a pogo stick on whoops, and the increased sidewall seems to make bodyroll and under steer worse than before. Driving at speed is tricky enough without the added unpredictability.

Weight: This MRZR feels sluggish and heavy. Even with the engine upgrades, it is challenging to push across terrain. I am considering removing things like the tailgate, rock rails, and going with a different roll cage and bed to shed some pounds.

Track width: The stock tires are all 26x9x14r. The military desired that all four tires be interchangeable, and needed a narrow track width with a collapsible roll cage in order to load it aboard an osprey. We do not have the same requirements, and both the 800 and 1000 handle curves far better than the MRZRs.

Oil consumption: The MRZRs drink around a quart a day. That seems extremely high to me, and the oil fill is located under an access panel that has to be removed in order to top it off. Easier access would help, but much lower oil consumption would be preferred.

Fuel consumption and range: The tank is 7.25 gals, and we carry an extra 5 gallons in mounted fuel cans. Depending on cargo and speed, range can vary greatly.

Forward visibility: The collapsible roll cage has a front spreader bar that goes right across the sight line of the driver, and cuts off vision at times of approaching obstacles. A small windshield of some sort would also be nice. We are considering putting a small piece of Plexiglas in.

I appreciate any help or advice, thanks in advance

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