To start I have known my clutch was making bad noises but it wasn’t in the budget to fix it before CampRZR. I’m sure it will be fine for at least one more trip, right? Well Thursday evening just before the Polaris Service Area closes we stop in so my buddy can ask about a axle problem. While I’m waiting sitting in my car while it’s running, one of the Polaris engineers comes up to me and says “Your clutch is sounding pretty bad, we can fix it for you, free!” So let me think for a minute, ok, I guess that will be alright. So I leave it with them at by 9:30 next morning I get a call that it’s ready to go. I talk to Nick Blazel from Polaris and he tells me the bolt holding the primary on had back off. They figure it would have completely fallen off within 50 miles. Rebuilding the clutch is out so the replace the primary with a brand new one and a new belt!! I’m not always happy with dealers but Polaris has stood behind their products better than any company I’ve ever dealt with. 5his is the second CampRZR that the service saved me. I’m a Polaris guy for life! #polaris #camprzr

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