I know this topic has been covered in some other discussions, but thought I’d just post my experience registering my XP 1000 here in Tennessee. Until a year or two ago, UTV’s could be registered as a “low speed vehicle” but that required an Affidavit saying it had all of the required safety equipment (mirrors, lights, turn signals, horn, hazard lights, etc.) and also state the vehicle couldn’t go more than 30 MPH. You could only drive on roads with a maximum speed limit of 35.

Tennessee passed a new law (copy attached) that was signed into law in April, 2016. This allows you to register a UTV as a “Class I off-highway vehicle. The registration fee is $10 (plus any applicable County wheel tax). It allows you to drive on any county road in the state. You cross over a state or federal highway, but can’t drive on them. You still have to have required safety equipment as noted above, but the affidavit is no longer necessary. I registered mine on Wednesday in Knox County. I printed out the statue in case I had any issues, but it was no problem at all. The person at the DMV who helped me said she’s been familiar with the new law since it passed, but I was the first person to actually come in and register with the new Class I status. It does appear you must be a TN resident to register.

I went out for a drive Wednesday night and drove right past a stopped police care. He waved and smiled as a drove by. Hope to see more RZR’s out on the road!

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