First off, if you dont have a fire extinguisher yet. Please get one asap.
I just got home from sand mountain in nevada for memorial day weekend. On saterday our group went on a couple hour ride out in the desert to middle gate bar for burgers. On the way back my friend was having problems with his power steering in his 17 xp4. It started working again so he didnt think anything of it. We got back to camp and decided to leave the wifes and kids and go on a guys duning lap around the moutain. We were half way around the dune and his machine lost power and shut down. I pulled up next to him to see if he was ok. His rzr would start but stall out after only moving a few feet. He put it in reverse and it moved a bit further but stalled again. Trying to limp it back he tryed to move foward again when I saw his headlights flicker as it was stalling out. We decided to look for an electrical issue and were trying to remove the back seat to acess the battery. Mind you that this is the seat that his granddaughter is usually sitting in. And where i put my daughter in my xpt4. Thankfully she was not in the seat this trip. He was removing the harnesses so he could pull the back seat when smoke started coming out from under the seat. I ran and got my fire extinguisher. It was smoking pretty good by the time i got back and sprayed under the seat. I then saw smoke coming from the rear wheel well near the firewall. I sprayed it and put out the smoke. Once we were sure the fire was out we investigated the source and found the ground wire from the battery to the frame to be bare. All tbe coating burnt or melted off. We towed the rzr back to camp to find out that a hour earlier a new 18xpt4 burnt to the ground not far from where my friends almost did. My friends 17 xp4 just had all recall work done on it already and it still almost burned. They are afraid to put there grandkids back in this machine now and i dont blame them. Im rethinking weather or not to put my daughter back in mine. I wasnt worriend about it too much before thinking that fires were from idiots caring around gas cans. But saving one from burning from an electrical issue was pretty scarry. Im not sure how polaris is going to deal with this as they will call their dealer on Tuesday but they are scared to death with this machine and dont want it anymore. Mabe we should had let it burn. Read this also if you haven’t seen it already.…651.html?amp=y
I hope polaris can get it together. I bought my 17xpt4 to cary my family around. This is scarry stuff and polaris puts a stupid cover on my fuel tank and says its safe again. What a load of crap. Here is a picture of the rzr that burned yesterday.

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