I installed this spare tire rack and figured I would write a review. I installed it on a 17 turbo with a houser cage. It looks like it will fit most cages as long as the bar behind your head is the same size diameter as a stock bar and you can bolt the receiving bracket to the 2 bolts at the bottom of the C pillar.

Installs in an hour.
Does not rattle.
Easy latch and unlatch system.
Very good quality.
Attaches only to the cage, not the bed.
Made in USA
Finish looks good.
Will fit up to a 32″ tire.
Will fit most aftermarket cages.
When your not carrying a spare it will hold an ice chest or what ever.

12″ of clearance from the bed to the bottom of the rack even though a vender on here said 13″.
Hard to tighten the screws on the clamps that attach to the behind your head bar.
May or may not work with Click 6 harnesses.

I needed more clearance in my bed to the bottom of the rack for my Ryfab box so I made some extensions for the rack. I went with 16″ clear.

The clamps are 3″ wide and from the center of the bar they run from 9″ to 12″ each way. It depends on where your click 6 harnesses are mounted if this rack will work or not without modification. The screws that tighten the clamp are tough to work with. The nuts are right next to stiffeners so you cant get any kind of wrench or socket on them. The shocks are strong and hold my 30″ heavy spare up so far. Time will tell how long they last. All the hardware is good quality.

All in all I am happy with the rack but for $450.00 it may not be for everyone. This rack doesn’t make a sound. No rattles or squeaks. Time will tell if it holds up. I’m curious to see how long the latches hold up. That’s quite a bit of weight bouncing up and down on them. Hope this helps anyone that is on the fence about buying one.

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