Hey All,

Just want to share my experience on the $250 voucher. Like most of you I was grounded from using my RZR last summer which stunk but did get it back for quite a few rides at the end of the summer. Then this week received a red envelope from Polaris (which I had no idea about since haven’t been on the forums in a while) only to find the $250 voucher good toward parts, apparel, and accessories as well as the $1000 off any new polaris sxs. Thought this was a nice gesture from Polaris and came with a fairly sincere letter from them.

Well I needed some parts so with my $250 burning a hole in my fingers went to the dealer and placed an order for parts and presented the “$250 Voucher.” They look at it wondering what it is (I am the first of these they have seen). No biggie. They place the order in the system but when they put the coupon code in it only credits my order $200 and not $250 which we both agreed it clearly stated with no minimum purchase needed on the voucher.

So the dealer calls the Polaris “dealer help line” and as soon as he mentions the $250 voucher the woman on the phone immediately stops him and tells him that Polaris is only honoring $200 of the $250 and that dealers have to “kick in the remaining $50.” This upset him a bit needless to say and was the first he had heard of this obviously. His words “typical bleep-ing polaris”.

So I kicked in an extra $50 toward my $289 order because I’m still getting $200 off. They showed me the computer screen and that the voucher came back as $200, and I heard the phone call. He even confirmed the number on the bottom of my voucher with her on the phone and she confirmed polaris is only giving dealers $200 toward these $250 vouchers…gotta wonder how much they will be kicking in for the $1000 off a new unit and how much the dealers will be eating on those?

In any event I think this is a pretty shitty move on Polaris’ part. I thought it a great way to get people back into dealerships for people to go buy some parts and dealers to make not a lot, but some, profit and get people in the door. Good for us, and good for the dealers – both parties who ate massive shit sandwiches from Polaris this summer. The dealers had to wait for parts and then make time to get them all in. They had to field countless emails and phone calls from some impatient people, not to mention some rather irate people as well. Then they had not one, but two re-recalls to deal with. They were Polaris’ front line taking the punches from all of us instead of Polaris.

And now this. I’m sorry. I know they didn’t have to become a dealer. I know they didn’t have to sell us these machines we love. Maybe they didn’t get to the recall on our machines as quickly as we think they could have, but they really don’t deserve to be kicked on the other side of this…they did the recalls and took care of a bunch of frankly angry customers, and couldn’t sell their inventory sitting on lots in prime season either…now Polaris want them to kick in $50 of the $250 voucher? (and apparently didn’t inform dealers)…In any event I kicked in the $50 myself because it really isn’t fair to them and that would have taken away whatever profit they would have made on my order (20% of it anyway). I know we all think we deserve the rebate, but looking at this I now think Polaris likely deserves whatever consequences are brought against it from customers and dealers alike. Love my machine, but :rm_thumbdown: Polaris :rm_thumbdown:

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