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Need help deciding what to get. I’m looking for input from someone who has actually used both of these vehicles.

We’ll mainly be doing Desert riding: Hardpacked Trails & Soft Sand (Mostly Superstition & Ocotillo/Borrego). Some dunes (trying to keep my family away from the Glamis madness but will probably do off times once or twice & Gordons/Buttercup). I’d like to not be limited to places like Johnson Valley (planning on going to KoH this year with our new setup) & Big Bear Trails.

I’m not a guy that needs a turbo – we’re all pretty lightweight (300lbs max between myself, wife and daughter). I know the T has higher low gearing (24,26,34%!?). I’ve read it has better suspension and braking as well but haven’t confirmed this (seen no specs).

What should I get? Any helpful input is appreciated.


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