New to the forum. I HOPE I am posting this in the right area. I need help picking out a new toy. I am 63 years old and more of a dirt bike rider but I want to buy a 50″ trail model. I am mainly going to ride it on rocky forest trails. I am planning on getting a used one to start with to see if it sticks. Hoping to do more sight seeing going down the trails instead of just looking down at the trail. I just bought a toy hauler now I need to put something in it. I live in the southeast corner of NM.
Now to pick out RZR. At first I thought about getting a 900 then maybe a 800. Now some one told me the 570 has as munch or more HP than the 800. I am hoping to spend less than 9k. If anyone has any suggestions I would like to hear back from you. Are some years better than other years? Is the 800 better than the 570s? Do I need more power like the 900? Should I be asking different questions?
Thanks for the help

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