So the condensed version is I’m a new owner of a 2011 RZR-4 800. I immediately removed the engine so I could replace the transmission parking flange bolts, and to replace the rear pinion nut. While it was apart, I decided I would go ahead and replace all a-arm and bearing carrier bushings. A-arms are still off the tool, and I still have brake lines disconnected.

So, I have the motor/transmission/rear differential all back together and I’m ready to start this machine. When I turn the key, I hear what is the normal electrical sequences, but there is no cranking. If I remember correctly (being a new owner) you have to hold the brake down to start these things. Well, my rear brake lines are still disconnected. So I have no pressure in the brakes. I still pushed the pedal down, but still no attempt to start. Battery has power but I’m running a charge on it now. All electrical connections are connected. It just reminds me when I first went to test drive the machine where it wouldn’t do anything until I pushed the brake pedal in.

So is there a way I can start this thing as is in its current state? Is there some sort of brake switch that I can bypass just so I can get this thing to run to test it since doing the work? Thanks for any input.

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