So I hope this isnt a topic thats covered often.
I did a little searching and read through a good bit of topics.
However that left me still wondering

I recently sold my Yamaha Rhino and having seen these RZR’s pass I always loved em.

So I find myself now without a machine and looking at every used and new RZR on craigslist ebay and the dealership even

my budget is 12-16k

My main issue is that Im way in over my head on all these models
I live outside of Charlotte NC and we mostly do trail riding around Laurinburg
Carolina Adventure World and most certainly we go to hatfield McCoy/outlaw trails in West Virginia

I see everything from 900XP , 900S , and 1000XP that are in good shape but Im not entirely sure which is actually the best fit for me
We dont do a lot of deep mud bogging mainly just cruise the trails and spin a little mud nothing serious

Im not a big fan of the look of the “trail” model

My buddy who owns a 900S says the XP models are made mainly for sand dunes?
and that the XP is so wide Ill be breaking things.
I just dont want to get the wrong model type ,
Id really like whatever is suited for the type of riding we do
I also keep seeing posts about certain years and the rear trailing arms etc

sorry if this is a redundant questions as I await responses Im steady reading
trying to be more educated

I sure do like this machine!

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