Hi everyone. Installing a 4500 rapid recovery winch from Polaris this weekend, 2019 xp 4 turbo. I was sliding it into position and it slipped, landing on the concrete squarely on the end where the selector hub changes it from high/low/neutral. It cracked the plastic hub just a little but here’s my bigger concern – A) high and neutral have a very firm detent, I can feel it click in place. Nothing for neutral. Does anyone with this winch recall if this is normal? B). I’m hesitant to install it and then it break when I need it most. Anyone ever tear into these enough to know what could have broken (if anything) on that end of the winch. If everything there is metal then I’m not as concerned, but if there’s anything plastic in there then I might tear into it…which I’m sure would void any remaining warranty. Thanks everyone.

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