Ok for those of you with Ride Command both 5 button and 7 button versions got a new software update released in last 48 hours. Go to ride command website to update.

Besides that I’d just like to comment on how much Polaris sucks at times, like a lot. I have had the 5 button for almost 2 years now. Tons of issues (all heavily documented on this website), worked with Polaris and dealer to resolve, they couldn’t. They replaced my unit, same problems with new one.

The permanent fix is software updates fixing the many bugs from group rides, screen freezing, GoPro not connecting, audio issues galore and I’m sure more. Anyways last update before today’s release was December 2017! I’ve called and begged for a new software update as recently as December 2018. I was told they’d call and notify me when new update is available with no eta. Well shocker new software is available and I got no call or email from Polaris as I was told I would.

Now what really pisses me off the 5 button update that was released today is dated JULY 2018!!!!! What the f**k Polaris, you mean to tell me you had a software update and just no one ever updated your website and put it there! Releasing it some 8 months later than you should have. I’m so fed up with the issues of my ride command and the $2k+ spent on it plus countless trips to dealer and money to fix its shortcomings. Polaris should have gave me a refund a long time ago when I logged case/complaint after complaint with no solution all within the first 6 months of owning during my warranty period.

Now I haven’t got to test or play with new update yet, but I’m really hoping it fixes some of the bugs, but I won’t be surprised if it doesn’t. In fact I’m betting it doesn’t.

Get your act together Polaris, I don’t like to spend thousands of my hard earned money for junk products with little to no fixes/support.

Rant over.

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