A friend has developed some new mounts for the rear sway bar. He’s been trying to think up some things that would be useful to the riding community, and not readily available.

These mounts are billet aluminum with a grease zerk on the mount making it easily accessible. The best part though is the bushing. It’s one piece and designed to force grease all the way around your sway bar.

My experience with the stock bushing is when you pump grease into it, the grease comes right out at the seam of the two piece bushing. When I would take my stock bar mount off, I find it’s mostly dry. Then because it’s dry and full of dirt, the bar itself is quite worn creating a weak spot. I broke sway bars on my 800s and my 900xp, and several friends have as well. I started removing the mounts so I could get them greased. But I think it’s just a matter of time until the Turbo breaks one.

I put these on the Turbo and have about 400 miles on them and they appear to be working well.

Take a look and give some feedback, I’ll pass it on, and if they’re something you’re interested in, buy set and try them out.


disclaimer: this is not my ebay listing, I personally have nothing to sell!

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