Well finally convinced my dad and his girlfriend to get a sxs. They were dead set on a highlifter ranger crew but there are none available and no idea when they will be available. Now the options are ranger crew 1000 eps, rzr 4 hL or just plain rzr 4. Mostly used riding for fun but will need to work around the house too. My buddy had a rzr hL and the hitch didn’t fit on his. Is there a hitch that fits the rzr hL? If we got the ranger crew we would have to put a small lift and 28” tires, snorkel and delete the turf gear. And have a huge bed for everything. My dad is leaning away from the rzr cause of lack of bed and thinks he won’t fit in it comfortably at 5’11” 300lbs. What do you guys think? I know y’all will say rzr but any bigger guys with rzrs? How are y’all carrying a big cooler and some trail tools? Sorry for all the questions.

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