Good evening everyone. After trading my RZR 800 a year ago for a Harley, I’ve traded the Harley for a 900xp. I love the machine, for the hour I rode it. After riding around the farm the first evening I had it, I pulled it into the garage, and the next day it wouldn’t start. It is showing two codes and the eps light is on. The codes are 0 84 19 and 1 190 0. I know they indicate a speed sensor, but I changed it out for the one in our Ace and it made no difference. I also didn’t think a speed sensor fault would cause a no start situation. I have checked all grounds, fuses, relays and replaced the ECM. They person I got it from had a speaker wired in with no fuse and I found that it had rubbed the wire since it was under the seat. I OHM’D the wire and it was broken, leading me to believe it had shorted the ECM. Any help would be appreciated since I’m running out of ideas.

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