I just bought a 2010 polaris rzr or rzr S used and it has alot of modifications, so it is not so clear if it is a S or not. I was told it was a upgraded rzr. It is pearl white and has the S fender flares with 2 tone white and black seats, no decals on the body and is missing the hood. It has super atv front control arms that are high clearance and walker evans shocks all around, no front sway bar, rear appears to be stock control arms and not tubular design like the fronts and has a rear sway bar and is 60″ wide all around. The exhaust has a dual head pipe but is a yoshimura. This appears to have the place to bolt on the rear cage section over the bed but does not have it.
I am the 4th owner now so who knows what was done prior to me getting it. I am suspecting it is a S that just got some front control arm upgrades, but would like to know as it could be a problem ordering parts if I don’t know the correct model. Any way to run the vin or other way to id? Previous owner just put a new belt on, any difference there?
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