If you’ve ever gone off-roading at night time, you know how incredibly fun it is. Many of us live in hot climates and prefer off-roading at night due to the lower ambient temperatures. The stock headlights on most UTVs are fine for slow trail riding, but as soon as you open the throttle up you realize you cannot see far enough. As speed increases, you need to be able to see farther ahead in order to react to changes in the road. Without good lighting, you could end up smashing into a boulder, hitting a whoop section way too hard, or worse. The easiest way to fix this problem is with better lighting.

Baja Designs is one of the best-known names in the off-road lighting industry, and their all new UTV products are now available through Vivid Racing. These products are available for Arctic Cat Wildcat, Can-Am Commander, Can-Am Maverick, Polaris Ranger, Polaris RZR, Yamaha Viking, and Yamaha YXZ. The products range from headlight brackets which allow you to use multiple Baja Designs pods are headlights to roof mounted light bar brackets.

We know that UTV guys like to go hard when off-roading and so does Baja Designs. Accidentally rolling your UTV can happen pretty easily. Luckily, Baja Designs backs their products up with a lifetime warranty. Plus, their products are water and dust resistant, so you won’t have worry about them breaking when you drive through a puddle.

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