Hi all-
A friend of mine laid my 2013 RZR 900 XP4 over on its side yesterday on a soft dirt hill. Looks like it bent the left rear trailing arm but I can’t see anything else. Didn’t seem to damage the plastic roof, roll bar, fenders, wheels, or anything else. He got the engine shut off within about 30 seconds after laying it over. It leaked some fluid out of the clutch case (probably just an ounce or 2) but once it was back upright it hasn’t leaked any more. I took the clutch cover off, wiped off most of the oil inside, and then started it up and ran it in the shop for about 5 minutes and it doesn’t seem to be leaking. I checked the engine oil and it looks perfectly clean and adequate level. Can any of you tell me what fluid would have leaked out inside the clutch case? Is it normal to expect fluid leaking out in this location when the machine is laid over on the driver’s side? I’m guessing it is just some sort of gear case oil (it looked a little more “purplish” than the engine oil on the dipstick). Just wondering if the shaft seals are supposed to keep oil from leaking out in case of a tip over or not.

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