So as I was washing up the rzr the other week I noticed the left rear wheel has some wiggle to it (pushing the sidewall in and out). Less than a quarter inch. So I first tightened up lugs. Nothing loose. Decided it was the wheel bearing. Next day I ordered 2 (one to use and a spare). I took off the assembly and the bearing sounded/ felt scratchy but not slop. BUT I saw the outer bushings looked like crap and those sleeve things fell out (i grease after every ride or approx every 8hrs). So decided to grease wheel bearing with my new greaser (pushed out water) and order super daves outer bushing kit. Installed new bushings tonight re assembled and I think slop decreased (could be me just validating my $80 purchase) but it is still there. All other wheels have ZERO play.
My question to yall is… Do I run it how it is (i go to off road parks where Im never more than a few miles from the truck and with a group) and wait for it to bust and replace at the truck (big mallet and socket) or pull it all apart and have it pressed out and press a new one in.
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