The Optimum 10

Rated at 500 horsepower and designed as a stand-alone 10% final drive reduction for the racer running stock sized or larger tires, the mud rider who wants a little more reduction and the weekend driver who wants to run 32″ tires on his RZR and not loose the “power punch” that you had with the stock 29″ tires. The spur or straight cut gear design is more efficient at transferring power and eliminating thrust load (sideways force) on the shaft and bearing that cause most case fractures. There are fitments for the Turbo, XP1000 (+HL & Gold), XP900, General, S900/S1000 and many Ranger models- all of these models can go up 3 tire sizes.

A word to the GNCC & WORCS racers who have tried and broken other gear reductions- give us a try, you won’t break the 10.

I’m going to start with the price. $695.00. More than what you would pay for a gearstack reduction.

Now, let’s look at what that extra money gets you..


Where the reduction takes place in the Polaris XP style transmission is very important. A lot of you have had broken cases and some of those cracks and breaks happen shortly after gearstack reductions are installed. All of the driveline after the reduction is under the same stress and load as though there were no reduction. Said another way- If you are running 32″ tires (or 37’s lol) and have a gearstack reduction all of your driveline from the wheels up to the gearstack remains under the same load as if you just kept your stock gearing. This is where portal boxes shine, they do a very good job of removing stress from your driveline but unfortunately unless a vehicle is designed for portals or used mostly for low speed operation, they do a poor job of everything else. Another option would be new ring and pinions, unfortunately on the RZR and other Polaris products, that is difficult and would be very expensive to build. Which leads us back to the transmission. The rear ring gear is driven by the same shaft that powers the front driveshaft and that shaft is called the pinion shaft. Our reduction happens here, at the pinion shaft, the first place in the transmission that can send power to the front & rear at the same ratio. Because our reduction is closer to the wheels your transmission sees less strain, stress and load. As noted above, the straight cut gear also creates no side to side thrust load to keep you transmission case safe from cracks.


Another big Optimum 10 benefit is compounded reduction. First, owners of Highlifters and the new Gold Rock Crawlers would have additional 10% reduction with us because this new design happens closer to the wheels. Also, anyone who is running a gearstack reduction would see a further reduction using the Optimum 10.


Made in the U.S.A, in San Diego, California. We use 9310 alloy which makes a strong and VERY TOUGH gear. Used extensively in NASCAR and very common in offroad racing.


After the transmission case is split, installing our set does not require disassembly of the gearstack, just move it out of the way so the idler shaft behind it can be removed and replaced with ours. You do not even have to remove the pinion shaft, the Optimum reduction gear that replaces the stock pinion shaft driven gear is designed to be installed with a light to moderate tap fit.[/SIZE}]

Patent Pending

Check out Optimum Offroad – Home for more information and to order. Thanks for looking, PM me or reply to this thread with questions.

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