Well after 25 days in taylor park we finally made it back to Cloud 9 ranch in Missouri. First off this year didn’t turn out as smooth as we would have liked it but still had a fantastic time and definitely one for the record books. On the way to TP we stopped the first night on the road with another couple following us and spent the night at Wal-Mart at Lamar Co. after 12 hr or so drive . After a walk around of the TH discovered a low tire which turned out to be a bad valve stem . No biggie just took it off the next morning and had it replaced and then hit the road thinking maybe this will be out glitch in the trip. Boy was I wrong. We made it within 3 miles of Gunnison and while sitting in road construction back up boom went the Motor in the truck. AAA to the rescue since Ford offered no help. We had coverage on both the truck and the RV (79.00 a year for both and worth much more) thanks to my wife insisting we have it. H&H towing in Gunnison was there with 2 wreckers wishing 20-30 minutes and first took the truck to Montrose Ford and second picked up the Fusion and hauled us to Taylor Park parking lot as they wouldn’t go into the forrest. They did an awesome job and were great. After scouting around found good spots in the old Meadow where the rally used to be and decided to see if anyone we knew was around yet as it was early for the rally still. We drove into the RV park and I saw Marty(Trashpicker) sitting outside his camper. We explained our situation and without hesitation he jumped up and took us and our TH up to the meadow. I can’t say how much we appreciated the help. we really owe you for the huge assist. So now we’re at least set up and can proceed to have some fun while dealing with FORD over the truck. They were very sympathetic but pretty much offered nothing other than a Focus to drive which was better than nothing.We rode a lot of awesome trails and was fun having people with us that was their first trip. During the first week I tripped an overboots light/code on the Turbo and couldn’t get it to go away. I spoke with the Polaris engineers and they offered to refresh my ECM to clear the light. They had to struggle with limited internet but managed to get it done and really helped us a lot. The day before the rally started I managed to have a lower Radius rod break. never seen a stock one break before but guess it just wore out. Problem is when it broke it twisted the trailing arm and cracked my lower shock mount. We saw the Shock Therapy guys pulling in and asked Justin if they had the part. After checking the hauler they didn’t have the one needed but jumped in and ordered one overnight to us. Then to top it off they loaned me a set of their shop shocked to used while we were waiting on my part. The parts didn’t make it overnight but instead went to Wyoming??? LOL anyway we kept riding their socks 1 more day. When the parts came in they fixed them and replaced the crossovers that had been rubbing a bit. Justin offered to reinstall mine and reset my ride height since he said it looked a bit low. Upon inspection he decided we needed different tender springs but didn’t have them with them and offered to send them to me the next week all covered under warranty. I can’t say how great of a company this is. They are the fantastic at taking care of their customers. My Turbo now rides back high and super smooth.Tracker1(Dick) hauled us fresh water when needed and between everyone that camped with us Brian (Rkymtm) and all the others we managed to survive just fine without the truck. We rode nearly 1000 miles of trails and got to visit with all the old friends at the rally site. Ford finally got out truck done after 25 days and we loaded up and made it nearly back to C9R before the check engine light came on but local dealer is dealing with the cause . Overall we had a great trip , good weather and a super fun time even with all the issues.We were thankful we didn’t break down further away and still managed to make the best of it. Definitely will be talking about this trip for years to come.
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