My 16 trail 900 eps overheated last weekend. I was told that if it showed a code the dealer would upgrade the system free. I called the polaris customer service rep.she said yes. Today I pick up my rzr and it’s 445 dollars and all they did was pressure wash the radiator and replace my belt. I hear the upgrade was only on the 1000 models. Is that true? And do I have a 15000 dollar toy that I can’t go in any water or mud? Literally stuck once and the belt burned up and the engine overheated because the radiator was dirty.

I’m not sure what to do here. Seems like just bad design .only 600 miles on the belt. Ruined from 1 foot deep water?
Is this all normal and I literally need to stay on dry trails while my friends have fun or is the belt some random thing and the radiator, well.carry a pressure washer? Idk

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