To start I will say that I tested rugged equipment and also avcomm equipment in a shop and not in a car…although I believe I was able to weed them out as options due to the limitations of wiring (avcomm), or the other all audio quality (rugged).

I also am not the target customer for an intercom system…my main priority is music, and secondarily speaking inside of my 4 seater. After seeing adds for the trax system I had to try it.

First…PCI is amazing to deal with…if you haven’t had the pleasure than give it a try. Every person I spoke with had input on installation, was educated on side by sides, and had recommendations for what I wanted to do. Never had an issue getting ahold of them, and everything was always shipped quickly.

I ended up with a 5 position trax system with 5 helmet kits. I ended up using a kit and adapting it to a toddler snowboard helmet for my daughter as it was very light and comfortable…install was easy, and helmets fits just as they did prior to modification.

Install of the system was straight forward and most of the time was spent making the wires look clean, etc…installation of the unit itself was about 15 minutes…made easy by a faceplate they make.

Lastly the performance…over my Gibson exhaust we can all hear audio very clearly…it’s awesome! No more blairing it to hear over the motor…the next best part (or just as awesome) is being able to quietly speak to each other when needed…it really is amazing and I never realized how often I was slowing down for us to yell at each other. Bluetooth to my phone, Pandora turned on, and everything works great! If your considering one just do it as you will be irritated you didn’t do it sooner!

I’ll get some pics up later this week.

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