So here is the deal….I have no idea what I want to get. My GF and I are planning on spending some serious time traveling with our RZR this year to many places around the Eastern side of the US.

Right now our 900 trail with bandit shocks has been great but we have both gotten to the point where we overdrive it a lot both on wide open dirt roads and on tight trails. Even with the upgraded shocks we both complain about the constant bottom outs and inability to carry any speed (comfortably) over rough ground.

We could keep it and do an S kit on it, and we may do that but I am starting to think a XP size machine would be able to fit a lot better on our tighter trails than it would have 2 years ago.

I have only driven an older 800, my 900 trail, and I got to put about 0.5 miles on a XP 1000 at the HM trails. The guy was in a group and they got a flat then proceeded to roll the tire off the bead seat. I was able to fix it for them and so he let me take it for a quick spin. What I noticed with the XP was that with its factory suspension (not sure of year) it was a LOT smother than my upgraded trail suspension. I could NOT feel the small bumps that would have been noticeable with my upgraded suspension and unpleasant with he stock suspension. Also, the machine seemed to have less….drag on the clutch system, it just felt different and lighter (ironically) when moving from a stop. What I did not like however was that the XP seemed to want to under-steer while carrying any speed. I wanted to make sure he could get out on his very questionable tire so I didn’t try it for long. If my GF would have ridden along I think we would have one already.

So here is what I am thinking: (and this is all over the map)

Get a 1000xp turbo: won’t fit everywhere but will go really fast and have lots of suspension travel. As long as it fits on the trail it will be a good do everything machine including jumping. This is the best possible suspension BUT some say it “feels” more unstable than an S because the “softer” suspension. May break A-arms with my driving on technical trails?

Get a 1000s: A little less wide but a lot shorter than xp. Would be more suited to tighter woods trails that we would find ourselves on a lot. Would be a lot better than our trail but not as good as an XP. Would be a huge upgrade in ride quality over trail and would have a lot more HP (not that I really need it).

Get a 900s 4: So here is the rub….My GF and I often ride alone because we don’t know many people who ride. We do have some friends we could take along and they would have a blast and that would make me VERY happy; I would love to share this experience with others. But when we are by our selves will the 4 seater be less fun than just a regular 2 seater? I have heard they are “more stable” but are they “more fun” or “less fun” than the 2 seater car? The 900 4 is not too much longer than an XP so it may be livable in most places.

Get a 1000xp trubo 4: Go for broke….love it when we fit, hate it when we don’t. Break reverse chain just from the sheer number of 10 point turns. Have a lonely dumbed down ride when alone because we have no friends (true?).

Upgrade our 900 to an S: I know the machine, it is good and never gave me any issues. Cheap and fixes some of our issues with ride quality but leaves me with a 2 year old machine losing value quickly and still getting recall notices. I think we are on our 4th recall now.

So if you are still here reading I would love some input. I know it has all been said before but still it helps when you can ask the same question everyone else does in your own way:smile

One of the big issues I have is I don’t know anyone who rides around the Pennsylvania AOAA area otherwise I would ask them for a ride and no dealers around here have test drives. And so, if you do ride AOAA and have any machine that is not a 900 trail and would like to make a few bucks for a ride along let me know because I am up there a lot but too shy to ask on the spot….:angel

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