I just bought a new house. It is on 12 wooded acres with trails cut through, -!: a very long (at least half mile) driveway. It is located in Wisconsin.

I have never owned an atv or Utv before, so why mAy be obvious to some is foreign to me.

I am looking for something to plow in the winter and run the trails year round. The trails are cleared but not always even, so would need something that has shocks that can handle that. Might do a little bit of hauling brush and stuff, !75 not a ton.

I drove a rzr 570 le and thought it was a lot of fun. Also drive a ranger and found it to be less comfortable, more stiff and bumpy. But maybe it was just the model I tried.

Can you guys please give me some advice on what to buy? I’m lost. The trail type vehicles seemed like a better bet for me (as opposed to the more utility ones) but I really don’t know what I’m talking about. Looking for advice on model, engine size, accessories needed for plowing, etc.

Thank you in advance!

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