Hello all- thanks in advance for any help you can offer!

On a ride last Fall I had gone bushwacking in the RZR and ended up ripping off my FR brake line. All my fluid leaked out and I managed to limp home without brakes, then parked the machine in the garage until I had time to fix it (which is now).

I needed to move the RZR a few feet in the garage so I fired it up, put it into gear, but it wouldn’t budge because the rear brakes were fully engaged. It’s as if over time they just locked up.

I first removed the damaged brake line. I then removed the master cylinder to give it a clean while I was in there.

I’m unsure of what to do next. If I had to guess- reconnect the lines & master cylinder, fill ‘er up with fluid, and try to bleed out the air? Pray that my brakes disengaged at some point?

Perhaps someone can help clarify the next steps I should be taking?

Thanks a bunch!

2010 RZR 800s

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