I have a 2016 RZR 900 S with Polaris Kick Out Rock Sliders. Love the look but am having some problems with them. The mounting of the things suck! There is too much torque on them when you hit something. I ride Maine trails a lot. Today in fact. The trails there have lots of rocky sections. At “creepy crawl” speed even, when you come down on a rock after picking your best line, you slam the sliders and it pulls on the anchor bolts. Then there’s a problem tightening again because You could possibly pull the bolt through the frame. I’m MORTIFIED of this happening and not being able to run them anymore! I’m tempted to take them of but then the body is unprotected and or you won’t be able to attach any others. Have others encountered this? And if so, what have you done about it? I hate to take them of as I said, I love the look and I hate to spend more money running a different set! These things are out of control the spending to keep them accessorized!

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