I bought a 2016 rzr xp 4 1000 new not to long ago, haven’t even made the first payment yet. It has 20 hours on it and is in the shop for the second time. The first the voltage regulator caught on fire and melted off the bracket that holds it t the belly pan, it took about 2 weeks and and calling polaris multiple times a day and arguing with them to approve stuff and to hurry up and ship our stuff. Now I am on day two of the second time, this time the AWD indicator does not.come on and the front wheels will not engage and we have already been on the phone with polaris multiple times, because everytime we call the shop theu are waiting on polarus to approve something, so we will see how long it takes. So to sum it up, everytime after a weekend ride I have to take it to the shop. The customer support is no help because they don’t know the answer to any question you ask and that’s after you sit on hold for a hour. The Rzr has been in the shop for half the time I have had it. If anyone knows away to get in touch with someone that can help me with the problems and get things done faster please let me know.
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