Cliff Notes:
-Brand new RZR
-Loose bolts from the factory destroyed everything under the clutch cover
-Polaris is saying it’s going to be a month to get the parts.

Ok guys, I’m a little hot after getting off the phone with my dealer and Polaris customer service….I need to vent a little, so bear with me.

Maybe getting dicked by Polaris is a rite of passage for RZR ownership, and people are just numb to it, I dunno, but I can’t believe this. At a minimum, this might serve as a warning for anyone considering buying a new Polaris.

I have a 2017 RZR XP 4 Turbo.
134 miles on it.
13.6 Hours
I’ve had it for 2 months.

After seeing how many guys were having the bolts behind the primary on their XPTs come loose and destroy stuff, I thought i would be proactive and yank the clutch to check myself. Too late. One fell out and trashed the primary, secondary, and blew a hole in the aluminum clutch/belt housing.

Well crap!

So I load it up, take it to the dealer, and let them do their thing.
The dealer has been great so far. Looked at it the same day I brought it in…then called and said that it’s EXTREMELY obvious what happened, but they need to call Polaris for approval to fix it. Um….excuse me? I took my Duramax Denali to the dealer a few weeks ago, and they replaced the entire DEF tank assembly and had it back to me at the end of the day. No hoops to jump thru from GM. Anyway…

So Polaris approves the repair, and the service writer says that they’re ordering parts. Should be done early next week. Sweet!
Then I find out that my buddy Captain Yarrrr’s machine is in the shop, needing the exact same parts, and they’re telling him over a month before parts will be available, as they’re on backorder for over a month….OVER A MONTH!
I call my dealer, have them dig deeper, and sure enough….same story for me. Dealer service writer suggests I call Polaris and complain, might help speed things up.

So…I just got off the phone with Polaris customer service, and I don’t have a warm and fuzzy at all. She said that the dealer needs to initiate something called a VDO, and that “might help you get part sooner. Maybe.” Well what is a VDO? How does it work? She couldn’t give me any details.

So that’s where I am.

Has anyone dealt with this mystical “VDO” before?
Has anyone had to wait over a month for backordered parts? How did polaris handle it? Did they AT VERY LEAST extend the warranty another month, to account for the time it was sitting at the dealer?

I just get so frustrated by this. I am an engineer for the world’s largest mining and construction equipment manufacturer, and we would not allow this to happen. We will literally go line-down and leave big yellow tractors sitting on the assembly line, before we will poach the last of a part out of our parts distribution. Customer first. It’s annoying knowing that Polaris is currently building XPT machines with the parts I need to fix mine, which was their fault in the first place. But, I guess they already got my money…they’re trying to hook the next sucker.

Ok, I feel a little better now, but not really.

I’ll keep this updated with how Polaris resolves it.

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