Have the Polaris Winch with the Auto Stop feature. It is a good idea but with poor execution. You run the winch in and it automatically stops to prevent damaging the machine. But the problem is it stops about an inch shy of the fairlead leaving the hook and bump stop to flop all over the place. If you connect the hook elsewhere and then tighten, it defeats the whole purpose as then you have to manually stop the winch. On the Polaris Youtube videos, they show the install and then reel the cable in till it stops leaving it just dangling there. I can’t believe they would find that acceptable.

What are you guys doing to alleviate the issue? Is there some adjustment to let the winch reel the cable in snug before turning off? The only thing I can come up with is to place some sort of ball or foam between the fairlead and the bump stop that would collapse as it got close. I’m getting ready to just rip the auto stop feature off and trash it. :cus:

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