So my son blew out a tire (okay my DIL actually) sidewall on his Pitbull Growlers. I wanted to get him a replacement for Christmas, so I ordered a tire from Pitbull on Dec 15. I immediately received an order confirmation.

So I was on the their website checking status on the order last night and it states the order is in “processing.” I called this morning and the less than pleasant wench that answered the phone told me: “Well, he sent out a message to everyone about these not being available” I explained I received no such message, and she reiterated “He sent the message out, because I have been getting calls from people asking when they might get their tires.” Okay, I can tell no sense in arguing this point – let’s cut to the chase.
So when might I get my tire ?… “Let me look. We are getting an order in today. Yep, getting an order in today. What size tire was it?” “I replied with 30x10x15. “Oh, that is not coming in today. Hang on, Oh Crap, yea, another order coming in on the 29th … but yours is not on that either. So it might be two weeks, it might be 6 weeks, it might be two months. I have no idea.”

I realize these are popular tires, and they are struggling to keep up with demand. Maybe somebody should place a warning on their website … Tires subject to availability and a cranky office staff.

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