Hello I have a 2016 rzr xp1000 I bought new last year. At the time I bought a 4 year extended warranty they offered me for $800. The warranty company is power rev
So this last weekend I broke my front differential so I took it in to the dealer. They told me they would diagnose the problem and if it was covered they wouldn’t charge me to diagnose. So they call and say they are trying to get the whole diff covered under warranty. Well of course it is denied and they want the dealer to take it apart to check what parts are broken and that they won’t pay any diagnosing fees even if they cover the repair. I asked if this was for all warranty claims and they said they don’t cover any diagnostics. I am away at work for a week and don’t have my contract with me so I was wondering if anyone on here has the same warranty company and if they are getting there diagnostic fees paid? I think if they are paying for repairs and it’s covered under warranty then the fees should be too.
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