My 2016 XK1K is my first SxS and first belt driven vehicle period. We followed the recommended procedures to break in the belt and fortunately it has performed flawlessly for the 500 miles we’ve put on the vehicle. Now we have 32″ tires on the way and I also have an overland trip planned next week, so for both of those reasons I decided it was finally time to order a spare to keep in the rig.

So here’s issue. I realize that yes, having a spare belt is great when you blow one, however assuming the replacement is brand new, you are still stuck going through the break-in procedure which leaves you on the side of the trail for another hour. On a leisure trip this just amounts to a minor annoyance, but in a desert race or if you’re trying to make it home by nightfall that could sink you. That brings me to my question. Is it possible to “pre” break-in the extra belt? The easiest way to do this would be simply install the spare and go through the break-in procedure in my garage, leave it installed then have the used stock belt as a spare. But that doesn’t get to the basis of my question which is this: Does it harm the belt in any way to be removed and then reinstalled at later date after the initial installation? If not you could break-in multiple spares, so if you had to replace one on the trail or in a race you could go right back to full throttle.

Also, the replacement belt is the Gates carbon version. Is there anything to know about breaking in that belt vs the standard Polaris or Gates non-carbon?

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