I bought a 2014 rzr 570 trail with eps & Ebs from my bother in law. He bought almost two years ago from your local dealership. It was actually owned by a 68 year old lady. I know I am hearing the yeah right in my head now. Anyway my bother in law was looking at a Ace 570 but had his 8 year old daughter with him. I was there to help him as well. Your dealership is amazing to work with, we saw the 14 rzr sitting outside in the used sectionst only had 125 miles on it and had the polaris aluminum doors, flip up windshield ,roof and different wheels and tires which made it wider that 50″. He ended up buying it at a really good deal and added front and rear bumpers, rear panel 3500 lb winch.storage box and rockslides all Polaris parts. He used it two hunting season and only put 100 miles on it. He decided that he no longer wanted its I bought it at a great price. I add a few upgrades that I though and did make it better. The main thing I did was put a racer tech spring kit with a two inch lift, new wheels and tire as the aftermarket wheels and tires were in rough shape. I install a parking brake which I do on all my side by sides. I also removed the front sway bar as the racer tech kit suggests and it was a completely different machine as far as handling goes. I installed a tusk rear roll bar and bumper extension and removed the polaris rear bumper.The last upgrade I did was a EPI clutch which really woke the machine up. I took it on a trail ride at hatfield and mccoy and I was impressed by the way it handled and power to weight was great. I own a 16 Ranger xp900 with lots of upgrades as well as a 17 xp1k ride command. The 570 is a great trail machine with plenty of power to have a blast with. Its no xp1k but for the upgrades on it I am impressed . I have had a couple friends drive it that have 900s and 1000 and they can’t believe its a 570. Heres my issue, I am trying to sell it and I am asking 12,500.00 for it. It has 300 miles and thinking it has less than forty hours. People think price is high but don’t realize what all the upgrades and accessories cost plus time to install. This is a turn key machine, only thing that it really needs is some led bars in my opinion. So do I start removing parts and lower price or wait for that person that knows whats there to buy it. I am not in a bind to sell but looking around at other rzr in that class they are ether had the crap ran out of the with a ton of miles or have nothing on them. I am a 56 year old guy and know what new machines cost and also know the time and money spent on doing add on items. I am looking for some options on the matter. I have two Polaris machine now one I use at the farm and for hunting and really enjoy trail riding and have the 17 xp1k. I have had four back surgeries and have both my machine setup soft. I rode over 100 miles last saturday and with the suspension seats and lowering bracket I have little to no pain while riding. Sorry for the long post but I am amazed that someone has not bought this machine. I am not putting this up to sell it but again wanting some input from others maybe in different areas Thanks

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