Tomorrow I am heading to abernathy’s to pick up either a Gold trails and Rocks or a Ghost Grey Turbo. I plan on running 32 in Crawlers on method beadlocks. I’m not a speed guy, I like to trail ride, rock crawl. I have read the few threads that have debated the two and have a couple of questions for each side:
For the trails and Rocks owners: do you ever feel like the 55% low gear reduction is to much ? I can see where it would great in Moab or over a patch of boulders when it’s dry, but what about hill climbing in looser softer dirt or in muddy/wet situations where wheel more wheel speed might be really important ?
For the turbo guys: if I run 32’s will burning belts be a problem on slow tight climbs? Will it warrant a gear reduction to crawl right? Also for the turbo Crawlers have you done a clutch kit to run 32’s ?

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