This might seem like a weird request, But Im turning 40 this year and after working 20 years in Healthcare, Id like have a job related to something that I Love.
Anyways, I have a little money to invest potentially in my own dealership if i can get to that point.

And so financial dealings arent exactly my strong point, But im reading on the Polaris dealership Inquiry Page:

Business Information

It is Polaris experience that starting a new Polaris dealership requires a minimum financial investment of 250,000*** (US dollars) unencumbered capital.

In addition, a minimum of a 500,000 (US dollars) flooring account and / or a line of credit with an approved financial institution is required.

***Does anyone have experience with this part? Did they really expect you to have $250000 in cash, not via a loan?

Does anyone want to share how much they put into the business? Or their returns, volumes, advertising budget, etc. ?
You can PM it if thats better?

Im just looking for all the information that I can get in order to formulate a plan and get funding set up.

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