I’m getting closer to putting my 2015 XP1K transmission back in. How many of you used the $240 SDI alignment tool or just used a $30-40 transmission spacer to attach your transmission and motor?

Obviously I like the $40 option more than the $240 option, but don’t want to be dealing with blowing belts once I get done on this project before the desert season starts. Does the SDI tool really make a difference?

(I am re-posting this topic because the Poll got locked up)

Responses so far:

miboatcapt – I have been trying to talk myself into getting the SDI tool also. any opinion would be great.

jlmalecha – I used the $40 option on a 2012 XP900, which had the old or original style mounting system between the engine and trans. If you take your time, torque the bolts properly, and then slide the tool back and forth on the bolts to see if you have binding. If you don’t have binding, you are aligned. I had my engine out twice, and I put over 5000 miles on the belt that came from the factory.

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