Well I’ve rebuilt the front brakes and calipers without any issues. I order a rear rebuild kit from BossBearing. I thought it was OEM but now I’m not sure. Anyway my problem is getting the small dust boot to seat. When I rebuilt the front calipers I simply compressed the caliper and both the long boot and short boot slipped over the ring and sealed. The long boot does the same with this kit, but not the short boots. On both the right and left side, I can only get one side or the other of the short boot to seal and not by compressing the caliper but by manually working one side of the boot over the ring. But then you have to put the caliper “rails’ through the boot and into the caliper body and then I cannot get the other side to seal. I’ve probably worked for over an hour on this, and even compressed the caliper overnight in a vise to see if that would get the boot to seal. Anyone have any ideas on how to get this small boot to seal?

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